Friday, July 31, 2009

Wank Watchers

Want to get YOUR arms in shape for summer? A wank a day will keep the flab away. This is unbelievable. I had to share.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

And it WAS VanFokKingTasties

The VanFokKingTasties premier was epic, as predicted. To begin with, the sound and lighting setup was unlike anything I have seen in Stellenbosch before. It almost made you feel like it was an international band's concert, only on a small stage. When I stepped on it a few hours before the gig, I got that dreamy 'I wish I could perform on a stage like this' feeling. And it held up throughout, with the larger-than-life sound and visuals fitting the grandeur of Town Hall.
A few highlights include finally seeing Jack Parow in all his kommin glory for the first time as he took to the stage for Die Vraagstuk, seeing Taxi Violence frontman George van der Spuy grace the stage alongside Francois and seeing Pierre sporting a furry cap with pockets, Hunter sporting a hoodie with a furry unicornasus on it and realising it's all happening- Die Reenboogperde is oppad! Also seeing a number of stage dives, and collective [if clumsy] manpower pulling onto stage two fans in wheelchairs, saving them from the crushing weight that had been upon them all night.
Lowlights include having a plethora of people not backstage but ON stage. This is fine when said stage-standers are writers, photographers and such. But when they are random children there because they some or other band member, standing in the way of everyone doing their job to the point where no photographer can get a single shot without having an elbow, head, leg or cellphone camera in it... THAT is annoying, and I know I was not the only writer/photographer who thought so.
I must mention the audience. I have said before that when Fokofpolisiekar set out to create music, they created a revolution. Watching these kids' reactions as they literally worship this band is quite something. My best way of describing it was a Shofar church service. Except, imagine JC himself giving the sermon. As Francois put it, upon being told they are gods to these kids... 'Gott se broers.'
Gott. Met twee t's.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

En Nou's Dit Ses Jaar Later...

... literally.
Six years ago, Fokofpolisiekar began making music, and exploded into a revolution. Now, six years later, the band is still playing, the gigs are still jam-packed and crazy, and the boys are still idols to many. But since 2003, three spin-off bands have come about, and all of them have seen major success.
Tonight is the start of something great- Van Coke Kartel, Fokofpolisiekar, aKing and Die Heuwels Fantasties will grace the same stage on the same night for the first time.

Be sure to get to Stellenbosch Town Hall tonight. Tickets are R70 at the door, and people have been queueing since about 3pm. The set-up is awesome, the venue is grand and the gig promises to be one to remember.

See you there.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cutting Heads Across the Country

The Pretty Blue Guns have finished the new album at last, along with the video for Bad Liver Blues [ten points if you can spot me], and they spent last week showcasing their swampy blues off to the nation.
The tour kicked off with a show in Studio1 [which I was very gladto hear happened to be my monthly Studio1 stint too] and much fun was had talking kak in hair and make-up. And then live television failed The Guns with Andre's guitar being silent, but it honestly did not sound that bad. Cross my heart. Thursday night's performance was at Hotbox Studios with Tidal Waves and One Sock Thief, on Friday The Guns were hosted by UJ along with Tidal Waves and Desmond & the Tutus and Saturday night sounded like a wild party in Durban along with City Bowl Mizers.
Photo by Adriaan Louw
The Guns are back home, so catch them this Saturday at Aandklas with The Revelators. For now, have a look at their online studio diary here.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Joys Of The Job

As you may know, I present the breakfast show on MFM 92.6 every weekday from 6-9am. Sometime the 04h30 wake-up call leaves us less than humorous, and we need ways to get ourselves all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed once again. They weren't lying when they said one can HEAR a smile on air. Things like fanmail, good music and a good laugh with SeanO can make a morning all the more bearable. But then you get the more frustrating aspects of it. Broken equipment, erratic internet, bad music... And then there are people like this beaut, who just don't get the job. For our morning requests, the following text came through:
Mfm!Kan jul asb dai lidji spel wt bgin mt TNT en dan ht dit i MAL beat?speel altyd in nubar,en blck eyd peaz se lidji wt gremix is.keni di nam...haha leke dag!x
For the souties out there, this would translate something like:
MFM!Cn u plz play dat sng tht strts wit TNT n dn it hs a CRAZY beat?alwayz playz in nubar,nd blck eyd peaz sng dat wuz remixd.duno the name.haha hv a nyc day!x
Does anyone know what song this person is referring to? I do not.

From Wine Flu to Swine Flu

There is a kid at Stellenbosch University who has swine flu. While my only sources were Facebook statii, I currently have a resident of Helderberg residence sitting to my right and he has confirmed the story. I wonder what they'll do- cancel class? Burn HB down? Who knows... I for one would not mind having no class for a while. Then again, as a radio presenter, wearing a mask will not be a 24/7 option. And the best part? Soen in die Laan, coming soen. Epic LOL. Anyone know where I can get hold of a LV gas mask?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thank you for the music

Okay, so I'm not officially 21 years old- that happens at Oppikoppi! But I did have my 21st birthday party last week, and it was stellar, epic and every other over-used popular adjective so popular with today's 'hip youth'. A few thank-yous must go out:
Thank you to my brother and sister-in-law for being there. Ilana, for wearing fake latex, and Stefan for painting his nails. True story. Thank you also to the rest of my family. My father and sister had babies [separately, and when I say my father I mean my stepmother], so they could not make it, neither could my mother but they all texted me and I know they would have been there if they could have. Plus, my father paid for the champagne, the outfit, sound and lighting and the tickets for Gautengers to fly down. Thanks, dad!
Thank you to Carina for a beautiful speech. She didn't even have to mention what we had gone through in just three years, I know, and no-one else has to. And thank you for perpetual strength and helping me through some of the toughtest times in my life.
Thank you to Nasha for a beautiful speech! For all the photos, the captions, my two favourite songs [Milk and High and Dry], for re-living memories from circa 1998 to now, for beautiful words that may have done me too much justice. For being the best friend I ever had for over ten years! For surviving Standerton and emerging sans record of incest, working in family hardware store or falling pregnant by 19. For horseriding adventures, car accidents, bad dreams and even worse coffee. For making me cry, and not caring about the eye make-up wreckage. Thanks also to Rudi and Adriaan for helping her put it together.
And to Rudi, for always allowing me to invade his space. To Adriaan who I did not liek at first and who did not like me- you are actually great.
Thank you to all the bands for playing: The Revelators, 3rd World Spectator, Ashtray Electric [and for dedicating THAT song to me], Haezer [and Dom for arranging that]. It was amazing, and everyone loved you!
Thank you to Liam, for flying down for this. For waking up with me at 04h30 every morning, for driving me home when I get too drunk AND Nasha gets too drunk. For being the best boyfriend, and for always making sense, even when I wish he wouldn't. For the photos, for the memories, for looking better than I do in my OWN size 30 jeans, and for so often being the one thing that keeps me going when everything- and everyone else sucks.
Thank you to Milly, Naomi, Nina for being the best friends a girl could ask for. From RAMfest and Rocking the Daisies to doing my laundry when my house burns down to choosing my side when I get dumped. Arriving at Bohemia before the bar opens, last-minute study sessions and many a drunken night of broken French, shopping in Beijing, Long Street, countless gigs and falling in love with music. You girls are so beautiful, and so special, and I hope you will always be a part of my life.
To Stef, for being the best friend, and so reliable ALWAYS. Whenever I am in any trouble, this is the person I can always count on, be it having no cigarettes left or stuck in a situation a little more serious.
Thank you to MFM. For putting up with a [sometimes] kak attitude, and a very last-minute-thrills girl. Steyn, for secretly loving me, SeanO for not killing me every morning and for dancing to Beyonce in trailer trash couture. Luca, Ruenda for only fun science I have ever encountered. Conrad, for help when I don't know what is happening in my life, Terry-Faye for always being happy to see me. Jorg, for sharing ups and downs and cigarettes, and Ninette for being quietly inspiring. Thank you to Richard and Ray who got me there, Martin who kept me there and thank you all for the music.
To my sister, who has forgiven a lot, and remains the most beautiful person on earth.
To Ang, who I see too seldomly but love all the time.
To everyone who came, I appreciate it so much. For everyone who has helpen me out, helped me through and made who I am today. Thank you.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Tjoklits, Pappa!

Do you know Gerhard Steyn? I did not, until recently. But my parents did, as did their parents. Is that starting to make sense?
So, Gerhard was one of my in-studio guests on MK Live this Friday. He has a song called Baby Tjoklits. And he has started his own range of chocolates. Srsly. Below is a sample of the wrappers. I ate one [a chocolate, not a wrapper] in studio. They are quite yummy. But please have a look at this wrapper:
Fokken genius, pappa.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tonight's The Night!

Check out the treble clef right there!

Yes, it is finally here: my 21st birthday party. Now, my birthday is only in August [9th- National Women's Day, remember that], but between MK and work and other gigs and and and, tonight was the best night to have this shindig. Plus, my actual birthday is on Oppikoppi Smoorverlief weekend, and there is no way I am missing that! Last year I danced with a cow on a stage. Who knows what's in store for this one...
Rudi's epic boots
So, the plan is as follows: we meet at Aandklas at 7pm sharp. There will be champagne, speeches, a video of me dancing in a Christian choir/dance group, and many embarrassing photos. The dress-up theme is glam rock with a touch of plum.
After speeches and all that, the party really begins. First up is The Revelators, followed by 3rd World Spectator, Ashtray Electric and ending off the night with Haezer.
Sound like a party? Yes, it will be. See you there!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Am I Really Here?

Isochronous, The Sleepers and The Problematiques at Zula, 18 July
I have always been skeptical of female-led bands in South Africa. Besides for a few [like Lark, Dear Reader and I can’t really think of any others], I tend to end up quite unimpressed, sit back down and indulge in conversation instead of the music. Really, I went to Zula to see Isochronous, but I admit I was curious- I had heard good and bad about The Sleepers, and The Problematiques are friends and friends of friends, so off we went, just in case the last week hadn’t held enough partying.
Golly, we need to cut down on the partying.
The Problematiques have a sound that is fairly laid-back. You can sing along to it, you can shake your hips a bit. It has clear influences of classic rock, but they have a long way to go. Frontwoman Sulene van der Walt is undoubtedly talented, and the band exudes enthusiasm, but regarding stage presence it is clear that the band is still young- Sulene looks nervous at best, and everyone mostly stayed glued to the spot. Instrumentally, however, there is ample talent going around and hopefully they will grow into themselves with time.
Oh, and then they covered High and Dry. Covering Radiohead is like trying to take over presidency from Nelson Mandela. You will not measure up, and people will hate you for it. Don’t do it.
Isochronous was awesome, as always. Awesome in the true sense of the word. Awesome as in everyone stood, mouths open, in disbelief of the musical genius emanating from the stage. Their reception was once again one of true, enthusiastic appreciation of great music. So it seems that, when the music is good enough, Cape Town can put the image aside. This is quite a feat, so that is when you know a band is good! They love their own vibe, and I love that they love their vibe.
The Sleepers have a typical rockstar vibe- it’s loud, it’s all over the place, and they don’t give a damn. They love being on stage, and I confess that they did not exactly have my undivided attention, so I will give be attending another gig of theirs soon to do a better review soon.
Until next time!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thom Yorke is performing live tomorrow night at the Obelisk Arena

Don't you wish you could be there? I wish I could be there.

If I Die, It'll Be Tonight

Wrestlerish at Mercury, Friday 17 July
From the endless raving I had heard about Wrestlerish, I knew I had to check them out, and soon! Alas between Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town I managed to drop the Wrestlerish ball a few times as I attempted to juggle so many things at once. And then, finally, they missioned down to Cape Town for a two-show debut.
After pink wine and catch-up time at The Bellville House, we headed off to Mercury, apparently far too early- we were some of very few people inside. The place filled up more soon, though the turnout was disappointing. Taking into account the myriad of gigs happening all over Cape Town, the fact that many students are still on holiday, the cold and the fact that, hailing from Pretoria, Wrestlerish has yet to gain a big Cape Town following, it was to be expected.
First up was AB Turbo, and last up Tonight We Die. Pardon me, but I don’t care to write about them so my review of these can be summed up with ‘whatever’. I was there to see Wrestlerish.
The band came about thanks to frontman Werner Olckers , former member of SHU. What started as bedroom recordings of some chilled acoustic vibes became a full-time endeavour, when Werner’s free downloads had listeners demanding more. Now, Wrestlerish boasts performances alongside kidofdoom and Desmond and the Tutus, Ashtray Electric, as well as a slot at Oppikoppi Smoorverlief in August.
Werner manages to turn a performance at a half-full, dim, cement-floor club into something intimate. He is typically Pretoria- all music, no scene. The music itself is beautiful, with stunning lyrics that make you stop in your tracks and really listen. It’s the kind of thing you could play over and over and again whilst chilling at home with friends or sitting alone in the spaces of your mind. But it is definitely a performance worth experiencing live. Other musicians sing their praises, and it’s easy to see why. These guys are talented and they’ve created a vibe that suits them perfectly, and apparently their audience too.I look forward to hearing more from these guys, with confidence they will be a name on everyone’s lips soon.
Upcoming gigs:
18 July - Tableview Stones with Tonightwedie and AB turbo - Cape Town
30 July - Tings an Times - Desmond and the Tutus EP Launch - Pretoria
31 July - Big Gig! with Yesterdays Pupil, Fruit n Veg, Dr Fly & The Nurses - Durban
1 August - Willowvale Hotel with Fire Through The Window - Durban
7-9 Aug Oppikoppi 15: Smoorverlief - Northam
29 Aug - Joburg Burning - Johannesburg
3 Oct - Aardklop - Potchefstroom

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Blueberry Month!

This one is for Irish. Blueberries are our thing. Not in a gross kinky kind of way, in a favourite waffles [I suppose I can't mention the word muffin now], My Blueberry Nights [the movie] kind of way. And July is officially National Blueberry month. I kid you not.

And the celebs are doing it too!

Come half-year, MFM 92.6 offers us the opportunity to re-evaluate our show scripts and make changes. So my wonderful co-star and I took a slot on Mondays and the latest MFM Breakfast feature was born: Meat-Free Mondays. Get it? MFM. MFM? Anyway...
This whole vegetarian trend is catching on around the world. Celebs like Leona Lewis and Natalie Portman [who has her own vegan shoeline] are jumping on the bandwagon, and Stella- and Paul McCartney are totally feeling our MFM vibe, leading the Meat-Free Mondays campaign on a larger scale. And Che Guevara's granddaughter is a vegetarian, so expect some revolutionary action soon. And get this- you can win a vegetarian lunch with Bill Clinton! This Saturday [18 july], the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation is celebrating some or other arts thing at Russell Simmons' East Hampton estate. At the event, a vegetarian lunch with Bill Clinton will be auctioned off! The meal takes place on 20 July, this time at Simmons' private residence in New York.
Not bad.

So if you're in the New York area, swing by. Mention my name, and Bill at the door will sort you out.

But back to the point. Besides for the animal cruelty, workers in meat factories have some of the worst working conditions with regard to health hazards. Lastly, the meat industry is responsible for almost 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Srsly. So follow the celebs, follow the MFM Breakfast Team, embrace the recession [meat is expensive] and go meat-free every Monday.

The MFM Breakfast Team. No animals were harmed in shooting this photograph. Tune in every weekday from 6-9am on MFM 92.6.

Just Before You Tuck In To Your Bacon and Eggs...

... Pause for a second.
Net une.
I am a vegetarian, as is my sister, and I KNOW people roll their eyes when I say it. But hear me out: I am NOT trying to convert the entire population to vegetarianism. I get that it is natural for humans [along with their fellow carnivores and omnivores] to eat meat. But it is a fact that we eat too much of it, this being a result of huge multi-national corporations rendering hunting no longer being a requirement if we want meat. Rather, we drive off to MacD's or Woolies, grab a bad full of meat and resultantly some of us eat meat three times a day. Do you know how much hunting you would have to do if you were still a nomadic hunter-gatherer Neanderthal and you wanted meat three times a day?!
A lot, that's how much. So my problem is that we eat too much meat. Secondly, I have no problem with anyone eating meat, as long as the decision is an informed one. In most cases, it is not. So I urge you to watch the trailer for the Food Inc movie. You will be shocked. If you don't want to see what's in it... Well, my point exactly. Go on. I dare you. For more info, check out the movie's website.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Safari time! Z&G Winter Coastal Tour

I mentioned that Isochronous is hitting the Western Cape soon on their Speed of Sound tour, and Wrestlerish is hitting Cape Town soon too! And we have yet another very exciting Gauteng band gracing us with their presence.
Zebra and Giraffe are back! You can catch them tomorrow night [17 July] at Bertie's Mooring, or on Saturday [18 July] at Assembly with the Wedding DJs.
Now you know.

Manchester City is in town

Ah, something I tend not to blog about: sport. But I am a football fan, so I figured this news was worth a mention. Irish is Man City all the way, while Rudi and I are Chelsea fans. Check out Rudi's rad Chelsea boots:

The boys from Manchester City arrive in South Africa today, to play Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs in the 10th Anniversary Vodacom Challenge pre-season tournament. South Africa is in a football frenzy, what with the Soccer World Cup being hosted here next year, prostitution being legalised and stadiums not being built, and this visit adds to the buzz, especially with the recent signing or Carlos Teves. Keep an eye out for famous footballers on the loose in the streets of South Africa, as well as their new kit, which will be 'launched' in the match against Orlando Pirates in Polokwane.

Say It Slowly: Wrestlerish

Finally! Pretoria band Wrestlerish is in Cape Town at last. I have been waiting to see this band since I met frontman Werner Olckers at Tings 'n Times a few weeks back. People have some nice things to say about the band. Here are a few compliments they have received:
“When I listen to Wrestlerish I think of driving in the passenger seat and losing out under streetlights and I think of bicycles and glitter and I think of girls and the way hearts used to break so well in the old days. A quarterlife crisis is a ridiculous thing to have, but he's making the soundtrack to mine.” – Hunter Kennedy (MK Bruce Lee, aKING, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Fokofpolisiekar)
"Wrestlerish are unlike anything else going on at the moment. I feel like I’m reaching for words to explain something that must be experienced. Wrestlerish are new, they are vaguely familiar in a warm way and they are going to be huge.” - Nathan Zeno (Levi’s Music Mag)
His modern, Pretoria take on country is more pick-up lines than pick-up trucks, more hug-your-dog than kick it... But still. Imagine an old midnight cowboy gazing down a city street while lighting a Lucky, and saying "that there's Bear country." - He's talking about Wrestlerish.”Liam Lynch
If you're keen to check them out, you can catch them at Mercury this Friday [17 July] with Tonight We Die and AB Turbo, or on Saturday [18 July] at Stones in Tableview. So far the band has recorded a 13-track album [keep an eye out for that as well as their first video coming soon], played Splashy Fen and supported great bands like aKing, Dear Reader, Isochronous and Ashtray Electric. And if you can't make it this weekend, be sure to catch them at Oppikoppi Smoorverlief, the RAMfest Big Day Out or Oppiaarde.

A whole new [S]miley!

After my last post about Miley Cyrus, I discovered this. And it was just too good. I would die of guilt if I did not share this with you:
Local vibes. Nice.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Julian Casablancas goes solo

I love The Strokes. Like, a lot. This is one band I can listen to over and over and over and never tire of. I discovered them back in 2005 thanks to Ducky, and I feel eternally indebted to her. My friend, Paramore, is crazy about this guy, so I figured I had to share the news:
Julian Casablances, like so many band members before him, is going on a solo mission. He is set to release an eight-track album, which had production assistance from Mike Mogis who has been linked to artists like Rilo Kiley and Cursive. He also plans to go on a solo tour sometime this year.
Details of the album are hard to get for now, but it sounds like you can expect some good synth-pop and with it coming from Julian Casablancas, I don’t foresee disappointment. Check out his website for updates.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It has landed

And by 'it' I mean Stellenbosch's premier online lifestyle guide. And it was designed by yours truly, in partnership with Simon Gerber. The site includes the following:
  • Restaurant guide [including the vibe, price range, hours and contact details]
  • Club guide [including how to dress, and what to expect regarding music and the crowd]
  • Gig guide [in association with YOUR LMG, updated weekly]
  • Band profiles
  • Fashion guide [including store guide and the local fashion police documenting the most epic fashion fails]
  • Contributions [from local writers and photographers]
  • Weekly wine farm reviews
  • Competitions and giveaways.

It is something we felt was much needed for the town, and that is why we have chosen to focus only on Stellenbosch! The guide's purpose is to help you navigate your way around the town whether you are new in town, a long-time local or a newbie just starting out at the University, and should at last provide the answer to the age-old dilemma, "It's Friday night. What should we do?"

Naked woman parading around Stellenbosch!

So today, I was being super productive with Simon. So we decided we would take a walk to Vida e Caffe en route to picking up some more work stuff. Whilst innocently walking back home, Americano with milk in hand, I casually dropped into the conversation 'Oh em gee. There is a naked woman.' WHat? Yes. There she was, completely starkers, her belly button grinning proudly from between her nipples. Srsly. She was shouting loudly in a slang I pride myself on not understanding, and I am quite sure she was fairly inebreated. Only in the Cape, ey? Awê.

So ghetto, yo...

... but it's pretty damn cool! If I lived in the ghetto, I would totally have a Louis Vuitton house. But in pink. And the house would have boots with fur.

MJ's worst nightmare begins...

3 is the new 5
You know the name Joe Jackson, right? No? Well, he is the man who spawned Michael Jackson and the rest of them. He is the setter-upper of his son's uber-success to a degree, and he's not stopping there! With the death of his son, he plans to take Michael's children and turn them into the next superstar Jacksons in the form of... The Jackson 3! I kid you not. The man has recognised talent in the children [no surprise there- you have to have something if you are the product of Michael Jackson!] and he plans to have the three [what are their names again? Prince, Blanket and the third one... Princess? I can't remember.] tour in 2010. Apparently the family is quite unhappy about the whole thing, and I expect a family feud of epic proportions will arise.
You have to wonder a few things. Do the kids want this? Who will win? And if these three children were to team up, now or later, would they, like, totally blow the world away? I guess only time will tell!
Then and now-ish

Monday, July 13, 2009

All the single ladies...

My appearances in music videos tend to come back and haunt me. The first included me, using my [already short] dress to fan my very sweaty self in a dingy blues club with Zinkplaat. The next, however, led me to my childhood bee eff eff [The Nash], and we have been inseparable since.
But the latest one has a cringe factor of note.
I feature in a trailer-trash outfit [think leopard-print stilettos, denim and a fountain ponytail], dancing like I don't have a clue, to Beyonce's Single Ladies. I know, right?! But it's all in the name of good fun, for Vodacom's Radio Celebrity Challenge. You can view the video on the website and I, along with my fabulous co-host, SeanO, and the rest of the Goodhope FM team would appreciate it if you would click on the video and vote. Two thumbs up for SeanO, who not only organised the entire thing, but got his boogie on in red tights and legwarmers!
Check it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

And Speaking Of Eco-Friendly Partying...

The world has been bitten by the green bug. Probably not hard enough, and I can be quite skeptical about the whole movement [as I have expressed before], but some of us are trying. Thanks to my super-green sister, I have begun to live a slightly greener life, and we’ve heard of hybrid cars, organic food and decomposable houses, but this is quite something: an eco-friendly club! What? No, WATT. WATT is a dance club in the Netherlands that is trying to prove that partying, business and greenness really can go together! Features include a sustainable dancefloor [which uses the energy from people dancing to generate electricity to power the place], extensive recycling and urinals that are designed to work without water. It’s a pretty cool concept, which probably only hit Africa after the world has come to an end, but at least it’s out there somewhere! Check out their website for more information, if you can read Dutch.

Party Hard, Tread Lightly!

Last year’s Rocking the Daisies was one of 2008’s most memorable weekends for me. With stunning scenery, the best of local bands and hippie kids everywhere, what’s not to love? And the festival employs a number of greening initiatives to make it the most eco-friendly partying mission you have ever undertaken. Keeping things fresh with the Red Bull Radar competition [last year won by The Plastics], the festival shows yet another great line-up, including The Plastics, Ashtray Electric, aKing, Hot Water, Freshlyground, Prime Circle, The Black Hotels and Gazelle. And many slots are unoccupied as they wait to confirm more acts, so it promises to get even better!
Rocking The Daisies happens on 9, 10 and 11 October this year at Cloof Wine Estate.
See you there!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Isochronous SOS Tour

It's that exciting time again, when Isochronous heads down our way to grace us with their musical genius, this time for their Speed of Sound tour!
Cape Town tour dates and venues:
18 July: Zula Sound Bar
22 July: Assembly
23 July: Bohemia
25 July: Roar