Thursday, June 4, 2009

Collected Memories: Spectacular Views

A week ago, I moved. Again. This after my first house this year burnt down in January. The last one was a stunning place, and despite relief to be far away from the evil witch I lived with, I will miss the wooden floors, the high ceilings, the attic and, of course, that window. I’ll also miss my neighbour [who is very possible a ghost] who played that very loud classical music every night. Then again, there are many things I won’t miss, like how cold the place was, the old-fashioned plumbing and, of course, my housemate.
The new place is your average student apartment. My room is much smaller and it’s all very basic but I can fit a double bed into my room and my new flatmate is very sweet and easy to live with [she sleeps most of the time]. She also won’t have a problem with Irish staying seeing as her boyfriend pretty much lives with us.
It was another layer to all that was going wrong bit by bit. The proverbial cherry on top of a cake of misfortune, if you will. But despite the build-up, the stress, the screaming [sorry, Rudi, for screaming in your house before even saying hello], shit coffee, too few hours in a day and not having enough shoe space, I am happy. I got to thinking about next year a bit. A while ago, the plan was always set in stone: Journalism honours at Stellenbosch. But now, I am faced with a myriad of options and the decision depends not only on which opportunity comes along. It’s a difficult choice, and possibilities I never thought I’d consider are swimming around in my head like lazy fish refusing to go with the flow. I love Stellenbosch and I love Cape Town even more, but if you’re serious about something sacrifices must be made. And I am my own proof that happiness in a place depends on what you make of it for yourself. Comfort zones and safe havens are not physical places. You may feel more at ease in certain places, but it’s all about what’s in your head.
So here’s to change. Here’s to being unsettled and having the earth shift beneath your feet. Here’s to new views, mental of otherwise. And here’s to embracing adjustments in life, and still coming out on top.
You never knew why it felt so good
In the strangest of places-
Like in waiting rooms, and long lines that made you late,
And mall parking lots on holiday.
There are no bad words for the coast today,
When we hold our breath until nothing’s left,
It all starts to fade.
We can see the stars from where the birds make their homes,
Staring back at us.
Indifferent, but distanced perfectly, projected endlessly
It’s so fucking beautiful.
There are no better words for the coast today.
Then you ask what’s a palisade
And if we’re too late for happiness.
-Rilo Kiley, Spectacular Views

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