Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is going to legen...

...and the 'dary' will only be coming in one month!
I turn 21 this year. And, as much as I love my brother and sister, they were never the most social of people, so I figured at least one of my parents' kids should throw a big bash for the big two one! And me being who I am and doing [loving] what I do, I figured it would have to be a gig of sorts.
So on 21 July we will be hosting a do at Aandklas, at Stellenbosch. I have a list of all my friends who get in for free, but anyone can come [at a cover charge of R20]. First up will be 3rd World Spectator, followed by Ashtray Electric and we're working on getting a cool DJ in to keep us dancing into the early hours of the next morning.
The evening kicks off at 19h00 for my guests to join me for champagne, speeches and embarrassing photos. Clue: I used to have hair down to my knees, I used to get a little tipsy at night and I used to dance in a Christian group called Gospel Kidz [with a Z, yes.]!
Be there, it is going to be grand! So grand, that I will be putting in leave for the next day so that, instead of getting up at 4.30am, I will be going to bed at 6.
See you there? I think so. You know you love me. Thanks to Byron Rode for the pony!

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