Friday, June 5, 2009

Pink Electric Musical Ponies

Have you listened to Die Vraagstuk by Die Heuwels Fantasties featuring Jack Parow? Well, listen to it [again] and listen for a keyword in the spoken intro. Are you catching on? Make sure you keep an eye out for RĂ«enboogperde. Their 'fans' on Facebook seem generally confused, but some are on the right track. Did you know that both Pierre Greeff [Die Heuwels Fantasties/Lukraaketaar] and Hunter Kennedy [Fokofpolisiekar/aKing/Die Heuwels Fantasties] both have girlfriends called Jani Coetzee? And did you know that said Jani's are quite well-endowed in the musical department? Well, now you know. And they might just be teaming up for a little electro project themselves, and with the boys to help them plus having listened to Jani [Pierre's one] jam with Johnny [de Ridder, Die Heuwels Fantasties/Fokofpolisiekar], I am excited. You should be, too.

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