Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's coming: New Lottery Tickets

In my week off, I have little to do. I am off work, exams are over and so the only things I 'have' to do are 1. watch Gossip Girl 2. Irish. Wait, that wasn't supposed to come out that way...
Back to the point. Lottery Tickets drummer James Regout [Big Machine for me (Tiny Machine)- it's a long story involving my somethingth birthday and Stroh Rum which, as it turns out, I can take better than Senor Stroh himself!] gave me a little sneak peak of a new Lottery Tickets track, to appear on their new EP, coming your way soon!
Turkish Surf has an indie-bop-beat to it, with quitar work that is undoubtedly 'them'. It is more complex than anything we have heard from the band before, and while it is unlike their usual stuff it never suggests anyone but The Lottery Tickets is behind this.
I expect this will become a hit for fans, something the can squeek some takkie to at gigs. Having gotten this excited over an unfinished recording bodes well for the new material, and I look forward to hearing what the band comes up with. I have a feeling it will far surpass anything they have offered before...

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