Thursday, June 25, 2009

In your next ISSUE of Rolling Stone Magazine...

Just a few hours ago, I was tweeting about the overrated hotness of the Jonas Borthers [as well s Megan Fox, but that’s another story]. Moments later, while prepping my show in studio, I discover that the Jo Bros have made it onto the cover of next month’s Rolling Stone magazine!
Like, oh my effing god! Can you believe it?! Well, actually… I guess it’s not all that unexpected. They have taken the world by storm, and not only its prepubescent female population. And in the same way that I was honest with myself about Miley Cyrus, I can say some positive things about the Jo Bros.
Here are a few points to mention:
Kevin, aware of what the haters are saying, cuts to the chase. He tells all of those ‘true rockers’ that “you would take advantage of those platforms too”, if you were in a band like this. Deny it all you will; I would not sell my soul to pop music! But I would trade it in for a lambo, global fame and near-incredible swag, lifestyle and money. Like Kev said, you do what you have to do. Which is why my radio show plays Britney Spears, Simple Plan and Asher Roth, rather than Kings of Leon, The Clash and Bob Dylan.
Nick, also referred to as Mr President, got to meet Barack Obama recently. Hey, what else is there to do when the White House daughters, like the rest of the girly population, have a crush on the boy? [Btw, Michelle and Barack e-mail me now and then. True story.]
Joe understands that with great popularity comes great hating too. He says he does not demand respect. He also very candidly stated that they don’t care what age group they attract [although I am sure they would prefer it if there following was a little more Playboy Mansion, a little less Hannah Montanna], because they’re doing it for the love of music. Awwwwwwwww! And according to him, the Jo Bros don’t care whether you like their music or not [fair enough, we can’t all like the same thing], and that they don’t need us to like their music. Well, that’s not entirely true now, is it?
So there you have it. The Jo Bros are making it bigger every day, and I wrote a blog post on them. A moment of silence, please…
I want one. The car, I mean.

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the worlds going to shite!!!