Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Best Day of Every Year, since 1988... 9 August. This is the day on which I was born almost 21 years ago, in Benoni. It also happens to be a public holiday in South Africa [National Women's Day] so at school I was free to have sleepovers and now I am free to be as hungover as can be post-birthday-festivities. Last year I spent my birthday at Oppikoppi and it was awesome! [Well, the bits I can remember anyway]. Those memories, combined with me and Irish not quite making it to Easter Oppikoppi this year, made me determined to attend Oppikoppi August this year which once again falls on my birthday!
I stumbled across a festival happening abroad on the same dates as Oppikoppi. It's called Lollapalooza, and I am very jealous. Bands playing include The Decemberists, Kings Of Leon ,Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, The Virgins, Arctic Monkeys, TV On The Radio, Ben Harper, Beastie Boys, Constantines, Animal Collective, Friendly Fires, Kaiser Chiefs, Band of Horses, Cold War Kids, Ra Ra Riot, The Killers and Vampire Weekend. Have you ever seen such a mind-blowing line-up?! I doubt it. I would donate almost-vital body parts to attend this with a few friends. But back tp Oppikoppi. Ok, so maybe this one won't boast chart-topping international acts. But the line-up is still tray exciting! Bands like Tidal Waves, Van Coke Kartel, Gerald Clark, Taxi Violence, Jack Parow, Fokofpolisiekar, Heuwels Fantasties, Wrestlerish, Ashtray Electric, Zebra and Giraffe, aKing, Albert Frost... Ok, I'm running out of breath! But you get the picture. So I will be jetting up with my fabulous partner in crime, The Nash, in August. Some family time at home for birthday celebrations, and then it's even further North to team up with Irish for a weekend I doubt I will forget anytime soon. It is going to be epic, and this time sans the seemingly endless drive across the country. Oh,and on the topic of birthdays and parties, I am having a separate party. Couple of bands, much champagne and many great memories. It's at Aandklas, in Stellenbosch, on the 21st of July, and everyone is invited!
See you there?
Oppikoppi 2008

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