Thursday, June 4, 2009

And you thought the Cape Town scene was incestuous...

Say what you will, Miley Cyrus is one successful pubescent lady! And she has a tour coming up soon. Her opening act? None other than Metro Station, her brother [Tracy Cyrus]'s band! And for all of those bands knocking her... You should probably stop, you may find a throng of angry pre-teens coming after you! I am not such a fan, but whilst doing the MFM Breakfast Power Hour last year with now-GoodHopeFM presenter Stephanie Bee, she made a valid point regarding her being such a huge Miley fan. When we were young, our 'rolemodels' were pretty damn awful! For example:
1. The Spice Girls. Scary all-round, they dressed like tranis [perhaps that's where Nicole Whatsherface got it from] and danced like sluts. Plus, besides for the odd sweet song like Mama, their lyrics were hardly easy to relate to at that age. 'Tell me what you want, what you really really want...' At that age I just wanted a pony! Oh, wait... I already had one. But you get my point! I can proudly say I NEVER went through the Spice Girls phase, and I never owned those hideous shoes. *shudder*. 2. Britney Spears. What started out as a pretty blonde girl in a school outfit that was bordering on slutty dress-up, but kind of cute, turned into a scarier version with songs like 'Slave 4 U' and recently had kids with world's sleaziest guy, lost them to said guy, had a breakdown and got really fat. She also remained on the chubby side for her much-awaited comeback. What a letdown. 3. Christina Aguilera. The girl has a voice on her, sure, but she did have her scary moments. Take the video for Fighter, for example. Creepy! Maybe it's just my fear of moths, but you must agree the once-innocent blondie had some freaky times. And the list goes on...
So here's a girl who writes [some of] her own music, loves her family and writes about boys being stupid [they were back then, they still are now. Note: boys, not men!] and awkward moments growing up. Personally, I'd much rather have the hypothetical children I am unlikely to someday have listen to Hannah Montana than The Pussycat Dolls [by the way, WHY not just name the 'group' A Pussycat Doll? It's all Nicole anyway. Same with Destuny's Child- more accurate: Beyonce's children.]
So there you have it. Yup, I wrote an entire blogpost about Miley Cyrus. Drink it in, I cannot foresee a repeat in the near future.

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