Thursday, May 14, 2009

Remember my recent rant about going to see Ahstray Electric launch their album at Oppikoppi? Well, it turns out we didn't make it [long story, and I am quite sure you are not all that interested in the details]. Ashtray also ended up not officially launching their album that night. They are, however, currently on an album tour and they arrived back in Cape Town yesterday, all in one piece.
Since my Oppikoppi threats, I have listened to the new Ashtray Electric album and it is a top-quality one! You should get your hands on it at the soonest possible opportunity. The new material exceeded my high expectations, and Lia [remember, I mentioned that Andre and Die Heuwels Fantasties were on the same mental track regarding writing a track for a fictional future daughter?] is included on the album and quite beautiful. Overall, the album is worth buying, and worth putting on repeat for a couple of weeks. Production is of high quality, and high fives must go out to TeeJay [frontman of New Holland] who helped out with that.
Included is a DVD shoing some behind-the-scenes material. Many have slated it for seeming 'emo'. It's not. It shows Andre for his true character, something many crazed fans think they know but really they haven't a clue. He is serious about what he does and -loves, and the DVD shows that. It also gives the fan some insight into all of the band members, a couple of details you probably did not know, and tells a concise tale of how this band came to be what it is today. Above that, it is excellently filmed and put together, big ups to the African Attachment for a job well done!
If you're in Cape Town [or the 'general area' as it is] be sure to head over to Assembly on Saturday to catch the Cape Town leg of their album tour, with Thieve as the opening act. I can guarantee it will be a stellar one!
Quite Overstared- Video

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