Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Let's Move to the Music!

I do the Breakfast Show on Stellenbosch’s community radio station, MFM 92.6, with my fabulous co-star, SeanO. This week is an exciting one, as it is MFM’s birthday. We turn 15 this year [officially tomorrow, but we decided to celebrate for the duration of this week].
Things are pretty festive, with the studio covered in balloons and all that. Plus, every single show is giving away a prize every single day [yes, even the graveyard shift 3-6am guys]. SeanO and I will be giving away a Fossil watch to the value of R1500 every morning. Best is that winning is simple, so even the more standard grade listener can get it right: text MFM Happy Birthday Name Surname to 34995. See? Easy! Obviously you can get as creative as you like, with telling SeanO and I how awesome we are probably upping your chances of winning. Other shows are giving away everything from CDs to spa vouchers to alcohol, so make sure you have your ears glued to your radio [especially from 6-9am] this week.
On Friday afternoon at 12h30 we cut a cake big enough to feed 100 people! Any listener is welcome to come chow down with us in studio on the top floor of the Neelsie.
We also have a birthday shindig happening on Friday night at 8pm at Brazenhead, themed Too Bright, Too Tight and All Things Neon. Think 3 dancefloors, MFM DJs, neon hairspray, afro wigs and disco balls. Sound like fun? Yeah it does! So come on down and boogie with us, all night long.
We phone celebs and ex-MFMers for some shoutouts during each show, so tune in if you want to hear what they have to say to the little radio station that can. For more information and regular updates, join the Facebook group.

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