Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bonjour! Today is a good day...

It is indeed! If you are in the capital city [Pretoria, for those of you who suddenly had a different name crossing their mind], you should head on over to Tings an' Times. Over and above [I am still not sure whether this expression is redundant or not] being a rad place full of equally rad people, tonight it hosts Ashtray Electric's new album. It is one of my most anticipated albums for the year thus far, and I will be sure to attend the launch later this month at Assembly. If you are in the Cape, be sure to hit Klein Libertas Theater. The boys from aKing are no longer officially launching their new album, but they will be playing you some stuff off it, and everyone waits with baited breath to judge whether it matches the last. So far, so good, if the last two releases are anything to go by. Joining them on stage is Thieve. There has been much quiet buzz about the joining of members from Die Helde and New Loud Rockets forming what could be THE next Bellville Rock City band. I have heard some of their stuff, and it sounds very promising. See you there?

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