Monday, April 6, 2009

Watch This Space

Spent the day at Vida on Kloof street with Paul Snodgrass [you know, the comedian?] and Colin Moss [you know]. I cannot say too much, but we are planning to make waves in the local rock scene. No, we are not starting a band.
I think sometimes people find it contradictory that I, with my love for the 'indie' [if you want to call it that, though it is so much more than skinny jeans and being different for the sake of being different], am so 'out there'. I market myself as much as I can, I work a bunch of freelance jobs and I network at every opportunity. And yes, if you would like to know exactly where I am, with whom or which song is playing in my mental jukebox, just check my Facebook status. The thing is, I want to be that media personality who puts local rock on the scene. And I'm not talking the softcockjockrock like Knob Circle.
So we have the good-looking, well-known guy, the funny guy, and the random rock chick who comes from nowhere. In all arrogance, it is a very marketable trio. So here's hoping to doing what I have dreamed of doing for the truly talented guys out there! I'm off to go drink champagne and purple shots. Net nie fokken lilac nie.

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