Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Power of Music: II

Saturday morning, but it feels like Sunday. I am home alone, on my balcony, smoking, drinking coffee in a plain white mug. I love smoking and typing... Single and a Smoker. I haven’t slept properly in weeks, and everyone is waiting, begging for me to crash. I won’t, sorry. Feeling a little pensive and now calls for another reflection on what music does to the world. Yesterday I went to the Johannesburg Art Fair with Liam. This is my third time mentioning him on my blog in a few days, but things must be said. Liam had photos on display, and I had look at 50-odd of his pictures. They are all stunning. You could have no idea who- or what- or where photograph is all about, and still it speaks to you. You feel like you were in that car, or at that gig, or staring at those two buildings at sunrise. There is a reason he is so well known. In response to someone arguing that anyone can do what he is, I ask why they are not. Then there was the installation. Sponsored by Absolut, it was clean white floors and radiating with artiness. So many of the ‘arty’ folk make me sick with pretence, but this was something else. Kidofdoom played, followed by DJ Sassquatch. I mingled during sound check, where there were few people and all of us kept to ourselves, spending the first while searching our brains for trite topics of conversation. Two hours later, after more studio time at MK, I walked back in. Since the music had started, the crowd had changed completely. Between kidofdoom’s spectacular, all-music set of epic electro rock and DJ Sassquatch’s mix, the crowd had swelled to a dancing muddle of euphoria. The mix was eclectic, and I’m not referring to the music here. Black people, white people, old people, young people, kids, people with beards, hippies, artists, nerds and everyone in between sewed themselves together with music. There was no prejudice, no condemning of who wore skinnies and those who had dreadlocks. We all just came together, to take the shape of a united hybrid, and the only thing the countless diverse pieces of this puzzle had in common was a love for music. Liam was stressed before the show. There was a chance this ‘installation’ would not go down well, and perhaps even the Absolut wouldn’t take the bitter taste away. There was pressure from all sides, and all we could do was wait. Upon my return, I found him satisfied with success. It was so good seeing someone like that, so content with their creation. It is the music, it just takes a few masterminds to show it to us.

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