Thursday, April 23, 2009

Le Weekend

An exciting weekend lies ahead for me. That is why Friday’s Fictionary is being posted today- optimistic though I may be when it comes to believing in my juggling skills, realism has me admitting to a lack of time on Friday. After work and a full day of class, I am jetting off to Johannesburg/Pretoria tongiht [I am not lumping them as one, they are just awfully close to one another, distance-wise]. From landing at 9pm it’s off to Tings an’ Times to check out New Holland. One of my personal favourite venues and –bands, and I have not seen TeeJay’s nipples in quite some time now. On Friday I am doing a one-day internship at 5FM. Call time: 7.30am and with Jo’burg traffic that means leaving at 5.30. Thereafter I am shooting straight through to Oppikoppi, to see Ashtray Electric. They have a prime slot [8pm], playing just before aKing and I predict a decent sampling of material off the next album. Oppikoppi goes bump until about 3am, when we will drive back. Some of us have to work, and call-time is 5.30am. Others [this is me] are going to a wedding. My brother is getting hitched, and I am a bridesmaid. But in a wow-she-looks-awesome-for-a-bridesmaid kind of way. And after SeanO and I speculated at length about that whole Win-A-Date-With-Lize-Kay idea, we decided against it. Thank goodness... In light of Monday’s being a public holiday [Freedom Day if I am not mistaken], I have taken Monday off to stay up North. If you listen to the show in the mornings, I will be back on Tuesday. Cross my heart. Happy weekend! Photos and reports coming soon.

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