Friday, April 3, 2009

Fokof, would you?

01 April, Klein Libertas Teater Between having slept about 10 hours in four days, and the fact that I have reviewed Fokof before, this is going to be a non-post. It’s just a ‘Hello, I saw Fokof last night. I missed The Slashdogs [thank you very much, Political Science 31fucking5] although nobody seemed too impressed with their set. Fokof was great. Loud. In your face. Playing the music that makes you feel like no other local band can make you feel. There were over a thousand people there, angry kids and all the rest of us who are so very passionate about a band that is so much more than a band. We went to bed at... No, wait, did we go to bed? Must have, seeing as we woke up with Ashtrays in our beds.’ Liam Lynch got it spot on, by saying,
“for them, it was music. For everyone else it was a revolution.”
And that is the purest form of music that the world will ever see.

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