Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Reader: Replace Why With Funny

Album Review
A quick post, because today my time is running out and tonight determines whether or not I pass this academic year. A review of the album, Replace Why With Funny, in the next 24 Magazine:
Formerly Harris Tweed, Dear Reader’s sound is the same in essence, but more evolved. Cherilyn’s enchanting voice is accompanied by music that is stunning in its simplicity, combining to create a charming story-telling folksy pop that will have you nostalgic for dreamy memories that don’t even belong to you. An exquisite collection, including the recently-released Dear Heart and the mesmerising, formerly unreleased Great White Bear. Unquestionably worth listening to from start to finish.

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Byron said...

Hey you.
Just wanted to point out 2 things quick.

Can you credit my good friend Marcus with for the photo of Dear Reader :)

And also check out my photos from them. :)

Oh and when do you want to meet for coffee?

B xx