Monday, April 20, 2009

Collected Memories: Cinq

Spending time with Nasha [my childhood BFF], we took a long walk down memory lane, all the way down to circa 1999. So I found a picure of myself whe I was about ten. I was blonde, still played piano, and horseriding was a far more prominent part of my life.
The above was taken by my sister while she was studying graphic design, in our garden in Standerton.
Versus a picture of myself at 20. I am brunette, I hardly ever find the time to ride, and music is my everything. A lot has changed, but life is grand. Perfect, if you believe in absolutes...
This was taken by Liam [Lynch, though I have no doubt you figured as much] at Joburg Art Expo 2009.
Am definitely taking up piano lessons again.

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