Saturday, March 14, 2009

Isochronous at Zula Bar

4 March 2009
An entire day was spent on Long Street, taking in its crowd and culture and recording it all with photographs. Day turned night and we watched the crowd morph into the night-time version of itself. I love Long Street and its people, and even more so after this gig...
Isochronous has been touring the area for the past while, starting off at RAMfest and following up with gigs all over Cape Town and Stellenbosch. The gig kicked off with Overgraze, who are too average to even mention. How hard it must be to play on either side of Isochronous.
Kidofdoom keyboardist Richard Brokensha is now to be found on guitar and lead vocals. His voice is smooth and proficient, with an impressive vocal range and the ability to sound like an angel no matter what. We’re still investigating whether or not he is human... On the keyboard is the small-package dynamite Alex Parker, who shows energy and palpable enjoyment from start to finish. Bassist Franco Schoeman is only eighteen, and already he is one of the most impressive bassists I have ever seen.
The music is weighty and spectacular, and watching it transports you to a faraway place where one experiences the ultimate in viewing- and listening pleasure. Lyrically stunning, their music is driven largely by synth, combining alternative rock, lengthy instrumental interjections and the odd insert of jazz, creating a perfect combination you’d be mad not to be mad about. The best part of the gig, however, was the crowd response. At first the last fading notes were met with stunned silence. But, judging by the expression on his face, Richard was pleasantly shocked with overwhelming applause and demands for an encore.
I heart Cape Town.

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