Friday, March 13, 2009

I was fortunate enough to attend the MK Awards at Mnet Studios in Johannesburg on the 7th of March. The event was superbly organised, and herewith follows a blow-by-blow of what went down and who went down…
The pre-party included a free non-alcoholic bar [presumably for all of the plebian children running around in tie-dye and jeans who were able to purchase tickets as ‘loyalty’ members], bite-size starters and Elma Smit and Simon Tuit [from Studio 1] circulating to interview everyone who is anyone. There is even a small square of red carpet to make it feel even cooler. Two hours later we enter the studio, and the ceremony begins.
Hosts are Elma Smit and Herman Pretorius [you may remember him from AMP], and they are joined by many others, from Tamara Dey and Martin Rocka to Barney Simon, the Doosman and the new Wonderbra girl, who may well be the most stupid human being I have ever met. Lights are spectacular, and the images on-screen are impressive as well as functional, showing interviews with winners of awards.
éF-éL kick off the live performances with Net Om Die Geraas In Te Asem. I have always enjoyed this band live, but Fritz had a bit of a struggle and certain pitches made him sound just a bit like his voice was breaking. The sound was not perfect, though it worked notably well for the instrumental side of things. Other performances were Van Coke Kartel, Heuwels Fantasties and The Dirty Skirts. Ever-popular electro-act Heuwels Fantasties did well, with voice distortion, complete with telephone, pulled off superbly. Of course the crowd loved them, as they always do. They also handed their album to all VI People… Gratis! And it is worth listening, with all their best tracks and some including other artists such as Francois Van Coke, and there’s even an Afrikaans rap vibe going on in there somewhere. The Dirty Skirts’ Homewrecker got everyone in the mood for a jam, and was performed skillfully, upholding the Skirts’ ever-high standard when it comes to playing live. Unfortunately they did not walk away victorious in their nomination for Beste Groep, but we were honoured that they flew up all the way just to entertain us as they did. Van Coke Kartel was remarkably well-behaved on stage, following their recent trend of cleaning up their act just a touch. I get the funny feeling the alcohol-free bar prior to the ceremony may have had something to do with Francois’s presence there.
And now, for the winners, and my opinion on it all…
Beste Serenade: Parlotones [I’ll be there]. Ok, so I am not a fan, and I don’t get why everyone is. But once again, it’s me against 320 000+ voters. And they were up against the likes of Eden, Flipacoin and MD Greyling, so it makes sense really.
Kampus Hit: Straatligkinders [Avontuur van ‘n hartbreek]. Duh. Contenders were aKing, Jax Panik and Seether [which, in my opinion, no longer counts as being local] and these Potch boys have an enormous following. No surprises here.
Sexyste Video: Flipacoin [Jasmyn]. I am just glad that the scary and very large but still scantily-clad Corsette did not win. *shudders at the thought*
Beste Live: Foto Na Dans [Hou Jou Hande Bymekaar]. Happiness! This song is unbelievable live every time, and they beat Parlotones!
Hardste: Van Coke Kartel. [September Fools]. Up against artists like Knave and One Day Remains, and despite being the least ‘hard’ of the lot, this was an obvious one.
Beste Solo: Lianie May [Jy Soen My Nie Meer Nie]. In Lize-world, Dan Patlanksy would have won for pure musical genius, followed by Jax Panik and Ryno Velvet. Albert de Wet and Lianie May would not have featured. But I can accept this result, the song was huge. Even my stepmother has the album.
Snaaksste Video: Koolerbox. [Jou Moer]. Benoni. I have nothing more to say.
Animasie en Effects: Parlotones [I’ll be there]. Ok, so from an animation point of view, the video was superbly animated and designed.
Beste Nuweling: Ashtray Electric. A big surprise, I would have predicted Zebra and Giraffe to walk away with this one due to their commercial success. And Winterstasie has that same frantic Potch following. But smiles all around, and convincing myself that Pretty Blue Guns came a close second.
Pornster: Snotkop. I may someday write a thesis on this, along with Jesse Jordan and Beeskraal, being the worst ‘musicians’ South Africa has ever spawned. The guy is, however, a marketing genius. He is thirty-something, and gay. Did you know that? Now you know!
Beste Groep: Straatligkinders. They beat aKing, éF-éL, City Bowl Mizers and The Dirty Skirts. They may not have been my first choice, but I am a fan of their music, along with countless others. I say, well done!
And then, the big one…
Beste Video: Parlotones [I’ll Be There]. Really? The tinfoil dragon really trumped Safe As Houses, The Knife, Vinger Alleen and Avontuur Van ‘n Hartbreek? Really?! Yes. Yes they did.
Photos by Speakerbox.


Anonymous said...

this is not really a comment concerning this post, i think in order to make this blog a little more legit, or even just a little legit- you'll have to get rid of your emo like style, dont try to hard to sound oh so expressive...

music is not the only thing that makes sense lize.. theres a whole lot more than music. My point here is if you want to write a blog on music and be taken serious, dont say stuff like that - no one takes that up serious since it is simply not the truth, man.

be serious in a chilled way - not saying weird, expressive, excess words thats only going to paint your picture with the wrong colour.

this is not meant to be taken as rude comment

Lize K said...

Dear CA [Cowardly Anonymous],

Legitimacy is subjective, as are all other things. Perhaps for some, music IS all that makes sense. Perhaps you should not take things quite so literally.

I am not emo, at all. I don't know why you would say such a stupid thing. What is the point in saying everything in plain boring language? Then no writer would be different from the next, and no music would sound special. I am sorry that you have no vocabulary and that mine may be too much for you, but I am well-read and well-spoken, this translating into my writing. Bear in mind also that many of these posts are published, thus I cannot be, like totally casual bru.

When you say 'no one' takes stuff I say seriously... Well now, what a silly thing to say. have you asked EVERYONE this?

I will be serious in whatever manner I choose. It is, after all, my blog, no?

Judging by your horrendous grammar, I am going to choose not to pay attention to your advice.