Monday, March 9, 2009

Fleur du Cap Awards Artscape Theatre 08 March 2009 This has less to do with music, but it must be mentioned… I had the privilege of attending the 2008 Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards last night at Artscape Theatre. The event was superbly organized, and despite being the youngest person there [besides for one or two theatre people’s kids who tagged along], I walked away impressed with the wonderful world of theatre in South Africa. Enter Artscape Theatre, and you greeted with free Pongracz, and as much of it as you want. There is homemade pink lemonade, teeny tiny shortcrust tarts with rosa tomatoes and basil crème-fraiche, salmon and wasabi springrolls… is your mouth watering yet? And why, do you ask, am I going into such detail? Well because that is what is was all about: detail, that set it apart from other events and made it the glamorous event that it was. The ceremony kicked off with a handful of dancers in steel drums, tapping out powerful African beats with their hands, feet and even nails. Master of Ceremonies Nic Rabinowitz may just be the world’s funniest Jew ever. He was joined by familiar face in the arts world Thoko Ntshinga, dressed like Ndebele Barbie. Between the two of them they bickered and joked in English and some broken Afrikaans and even Xhosa [on Nic’s side]. Other performances included Laurika Rauch doing Liza se Klavier, which made us all dream about out mother city, Table Mountain and Blouberg se Strand, an African band, a tango ballet and Afro-Jazz meets Opera. After the ceremony, there was an array of salads… in martini glasses! I mean, how cool is it to cheers a salad? Added to this was a seafood bar, Thai bar, fromagerie and more Lindt truffle balls than I have ever seen in my life! Yum… For the more refined and clued-up in the arts, the results were as follows: Most Promising student: [Note: three of the four nominees are from Stellenbosch University] Christiaan Olwagen
Best New Director: Michael Inglis [Venom]
Best new South African Play: Die Generaal [Mike Van Graan]
Best Prop Design: Nicholas & Luke Ellenbogen [Raiders, Rasputin’s Rectangle]
Best Costume Design: John Caviggia [The Merchant of Venice]
Best Lighting Design: J Bouwer, A Snyman & r van Jaarsveld [Smag]
Best Set Design: Fred Abrahamse [Assassins]
Best Performance in a Revue or Cabaret: G Weir, C Weir, J Ralph, P Van Heerden & A Tiffen [Not The Midnight Mass]
Best Performance in a Musical: Andre Jacobs [Assassins]
Best Performance in a One-Person Show: Shaleen-Surie Richards [Shirley Valentyn]
Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Quanita Adams [Cissie]
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Guy de Lancer [Glengary Glen Ross]
Best Actress in a Leading Role: Mwenya Kabwe [Yellowman]
Best Director: Jaco Bouwer [Smag]
Theatre Sports also won the unannounced People’s Choice Award

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