Monday, March 16, 2009

The Dirty Skirts at Kirstenbosch

15 March 2009 On a perfect summer’s day, after Sunday brunch and an afternoon on the beach, what is a better way to end such a day than to go see one of your favourite bands in one of the most beautiful venues in the country? So that is exactly what we did, and really, there is nothing like it… Kirstenbosch was packed from top to bottom, left to right. Finding a seat proved a challenge, but once settled it all begins: wine, cheese, great company and, of course, the music. But here is where I started to frown just a bit. I love the Dirty Skirts, and I have ever since the launch of their self-titled EP back in 2005.Watching them live has always been impressive as well as enjoyable, but I found myself just a little disappointed this time. With such an enormous crowd and venue, energy needs to be upped accordingly. If anything, I thought they lacked energy compared to usual, which does not do a gig at Kirstenbosch any justice. I will point out that the energy escalated towards the end of the set, though I still thought it insufficient. Homewrecker sounded pretty awful. There was no rocking out, no jumping and no excitement on stage, which, for R50 and a drive all the way from Stellenbosch, is simply not good enough. Joined on stage by Goldfish’s Dom Peters as well as a string quartet was unusual but added a nice touch, I personally enjoying the more classical vibes that made the show just a touch more theatrical. Surrounded by nature, with Table Mountain our breathtaking backdrop, it makes you wonder why anyone would want to live anywhere else. Overall, a disappointing show, lacking vivacity, with sound that was average and less of that usual post-gig buzz that makes me feel like I’m on hard drugs. Oh well, maybe next time. I still love the Skirts.

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