Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear John Love Emma, The Plastics & New Loud Rockets at Assembly

Saturday 17 January 2009 My house burnt down while I was at Assembly, partying like a blue tit. No jokes. And yet that is not the event that stood out the most. My newly ‘adopted’ baby sister had just arrived here from the very primitive Pietermaritzburg, didn’t know the difference between aKing and a queen and so I stepped in as educator. First gig for 2009, and it was stellar! Once again I find myself rolling my eyes at the sound as I could barely hear the vocals for both of the first bands. -sigh- But let's talk music... New Loud Rockets ended off the gig and ‘twas a sad sad night as we bid farewell their drummer, Philip Erasmus. He and his moustache will be missed. Covering the old and the new, the poppy indie rock set was tight, professional, and pulled off with their usual warm stage presence and quirkiness. Even guitarist Jadan McCullough made it, arriving straight from hospital after a pretty shitty stomach bug. Kudos for being a soldier! The Plastics are always fun to watch and shake one’s hips to. You’ll doubtlessly sing along, but take care not to mix it up with some Arctic Monkeys lyrics. A groovalicious little band they are, but I am constantly reminded of their likeness to Arctic Monkeys. Other than that, these boys are tight and talented and I call myself their fan. The addition of a fourth member was a good idea in my opinion, producing a fuller sound and making them feel like a ‘real’ band. Dear John Love Emma was first up, but I’m leaving the best for last. Having never heard these guys, I was intrigued. And I think I have found my new fixation for 2009. There are seven of them, including some very talented musicians you may recognize. They have a violin, a mandolin and a glock. Their music is unique, as Indie as it comes and oozes talent. It makes you sway from side to side with closed eyes. It makes you bop up and down. It makes you think of carnivals, candy floss and Ferris wheels. It makes you think of bunnies and garden gnomes. Dear John Love Emma is my next band to watch, and they’ve hinted at an EP set for release in February. Enough information, though. Dear John Love Emma is grand! Write that down.