Monday, October 27, 2008

Party Hard, Tread Lightly

Rocking the Daisies goes green and does good What began a few years ago as just another music festival in South Africa has evolved into something pretty damn huge. And this year, Rocking the Daisies totally outdid itself, more than doubling turnout from last year to over 10 000 people! With 26 great musical acts, 22 DJs and a number of comedians, everyone there was kept more than entertained for the duration of this three day marathon of rocking madness! Rocking the Daisies was held at Cloof Wine Estate near darling from 3-5 October. Three days of squeaking some serious takkie, singing along shamelessly to some of South Africa’s top musicians and trudging through ankle-deep mud in oversized Wellies we returned to the real world, still enveloped in a surreal cloud of euphoria… And oh, did we rock the socks off those daisies! It seems the world is slowly cottoning onto the fact that the planet is suffering from our very industrial lifestyles, with a gradually increasing number of people ‘going green’ as best they can. And Rocking the Daisies has joined this revolution: on top of offering a weekend that was impossible for anyone to forget, the festival adds an eco-friendly pitch, with this year’s catchphrase reading ‘Play hard, tread lightly’. A myriad of initiatives were employed to keep the event environmentally aware, with Rocking the Daisies being South Africa’s very first music festival that is carbon-neutral. Waste was recycled and everything, from the soaps and shampoos to the food packaging, was bio-degradable. Friday kicked off with the Redbull Radar competition, with Cape Town’s groovy experimental rockers The Plastics walking away victorious. And it only got better from there! With a line-up including everything to Eagle Eye Cherry to Etc Crew, Fire Through the Window to Farryl Purkiss, New Loud Rockets to Nepalma, there was something for everyone to enjoy. And enjoy they did- the crowd was spectacular and even Tidal Waves, the weekend’s very last performance, had ample watchers jamming to their reggae-infused blues. Other aspects of the festival were of an equally high standard, with ample merchandise, food [including healthy meals that made a nice change from the usual menu encompassing no more than boerie rolls and burgers] and booze, though this queue was almost as shocking as the one outside the entrance! Minus the fool who so boldly welcomed ‘350ml’ to the stage, the comic masters of ceremony were well-entertaining throughout the bands’ sound checks which, loaded with such anticipation, can become somewhat tedious. The band members themselves had a stellar time, with most of them hailing Rocking the Daisies their undisputed favourite music festival in South Africa. Having not stumbled across a single festival-go-er not enjoying this shindig to the max, the general feedback bodes well for 2009, and we shall await next year’s festival with baited breath, eager for yet another weekend jam-packed full of awesomeness that will go down in every music fan’s books as one to remember.

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