Friday, September 19, 2008

Kill City Blues Launch

The Plastics, New Loud Rockets and Taxi Violence at Mercury 12 September 2008 Unexpectedly, this was one of my best gigs this year. I say ‘unexpected’, not because I didn’t think I’d enjoy the gig, but because I certainly did not prepare myself for such an epic evening of rocking madness!
The gig kicked off early, with a ‘launch party’ at 8pm. A bit too early for me, since I have to compensate for being unable to decide what to wear as well as getting lost. Nevertheless, I arrived long before even a hint of live music. It seemed few people knew exactly what ‘Kill City Blues’ is, and I had to explain more than once about the new rehearsal/recording studio. But whatever, everyone there had a fab ol’ time and at least we’re all wearing Kill City Blues badges.
The Plastics took the stage first and, the band having seen much success on local charts across the country, I was eager to catch them live. Their groovy rock is a fresh sound, with catchy tunes and a stroke of dance-type alternative rock that had the crowd rocking out for their entire set. The band had enough energy, even throughout their more chilled tracks and I for one am excited about an act that is so well-received despite having only released their EP this year.
Next up was New Loud Rockets. The band took off a couple of months recently to bring about some change to their sound. Reports whispered of a more developed sound, with more mature influences and less focus on the image of the band, and I was eager to see the rumoured improvements. I had a jam, don’t get me wrong, but their stuff is still pretty much exactly the same. I’m not complaining as such- I love this band, always have, and judging by the very appreciative crowd I’d say change is unnecessary. My one criticism would be that the members all looked pretty bored, except for vocalist John Seth. I was later made aware that the band had experienced a number of technical difficulties out of their control, so all is forgiven from my side. They’re only human, after all, and I have seen them pull off a myriad of great gigs. But a little more energy would do them well. Notwithstanding my small censure, these guys are astounding musicians and I have much faith in their musical careers.
Taxi Violence ended the night off with a show that simply blew everyone away. The set was long, perhaps a bit too long in my opinion, and these guys rocked out from beginning to end. I struggle to recall a gig with more energy on stage. And the best part is that every band member was involved, running to and fro, jumping up and down and doing all sorts of wacky things. And then there was Bingo, who sent sparks flying in his characteristic stranger-than-strange attire. Their hard rock had the crowd going almost as crazy as they were, the quality of music not remotely suffering off-record. I remain in awe of such quality combined with such energy all on one stage.
I left out of breath and blown away by a gig I will not forget anytime soon, and I foresee a long hiatus before this one can be topped.

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