Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fokofpolisiekar Launch: Antibiotika

Fokofpolisiekar: without doubt South Africa’s most revolutionary band since, what, 1652? This gang of walking, singing controversies is made up of the founding fathers of Afrikaans rock, and they have the following to prove it. And the band has just released a new album, Antibiotika. Exciting news for all of the angry teenagers and anyone with vaguely good taste in music. They have just completed a country-wide tour of the new album, their last leg being in Stellenbosch at the wonderful Klein Libertas Theatre. Academics, prior engagements and even food were all ceremoniously kicked aside for this gig that was quite simply impossible to miss. The turnout was phenomenal! Granted it was an all-ages show but I never imagined the greater Stellenbosch area had such an enormous throng of angry kids! Then again, the Fokof fanbase is huge beyond comprehension for a local band, even after their recent hiatus. KLT was a great venue for the event, quite comfortably holding the masses and with great sound for the outdoor show. It was impossible to get near to the front of the stage, but media privileges had me up on stage alongside these legends to take photos. Experiencing the occasion from the other side is mind-blowing. To see the passion fans have for Fokof is pretty damn mind-blowing. And they deserve it! The new album certainly won’t disappoint you. The lyrics characteristically speak of everyday local issues, frustrations and anger around the central idea that “hell is other people”. But I won’t divulge too much detail. I urge everyone out there to purchase the album, a worthwhile purchase if ever you enjoyed Fokof’s rocking tunes.
These guys are exceptionally talented artists and the gig was vigorous, explosive, loud and bursting with a turbulent fervour that not enough musicians possess. I treat this bit of writing more as a news bulletin than anything else, so go out and get your paws on Antibiotika and make sure you catch these guys live as soon as possible. You can hardly call yourself a good, sophisticated citizen until you have done so.


Try Harder said...

You speak quite a load of shit.

are they all the "walking, singing controversies" you make them out to be? Have you actually met them?

no one cares about your special media pass either.

Lize K said...
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Lize K said...

Lize K said...
ncesslah, that's the beauty of this wonderful thing we call music- it is, after all, entirely personal. so i can say whatever i want and, lucky you, you can think whatever you want about what i say.

and my 'walking, singing controversies' comment refers to the fact that they have had more media-hype than most local bands becasue of their being so 'controversial' in the eyes of our ever-conservative afrikaner society. perhaps i should've put it in inverted commas? would that make you happy?

regarding your media pass comment, my emphasis was placed on the fact that i felt honoured/privileged to ba able to stand up there next to these guys whose music i love so much. and I care about my 'special media pass', and it's my blog, after all.
thanks for the feedback though, always good to be reminded of the douche bags in this industry.
one last thing- why do you post this under 'anonymous'? do you lack the mettle to make your identity known? shame. boo. you'll have to try harder than that, if offending me was your aim.

Luca Vincenzo said...

Wow, some strong words being tossed about here.

There seems to be lank hating in the Blogosphere (I can't believed I used that reference)

People be dropping tones on my word space too.

Lize K said...

thanks, Luca! agreed. Unnecessary, no? can't believe you used blogosphere either! ha ha
luca, i dig your blog. =0)

CS said...

"Try Harder" clearly needs to grow up.
Nice on LK, look forward to future posts.

Lize K said...

CS [I totally know who you are! ;0)] thanks a mil!
you = rad. at the end of the day, i wrtie my blog entirely for myself, but hey, always good to get +ve feedback =0)

Anonymous said...

"anyone with vaguely good taste in music."

Lize K - taste is something good or bad only in the eye of the beholder... i agree with "try harder" and speak for most when i say you have terribly biast and shit talking reviews...

who are you to pass any judgement, perhaps you should listen more and talk less...

oh and look, i am anonymous, dont get upset now little girl...
im not trying all that hard to offend you ;)

Lize K said...

nah, no offence taken. you see, your anonymous status is pretty weak. fact. check it out on wikipedia: www.wikipedia.org/whatfuckingever

your bold statement re music being personal makes for a fatal flaw in your overall argument because that would mean my 'bias' is merely personal opinion. ultimately i can say what i want because it's MY blog. of hoe? some people like my writing, some don't. chilled, that's life! but hey, thanks for the feedback. at least someone's reading ;0)

when you say you 'speak for most'- what a silly statement. have you spoken to enough people to back up your statement? statistics mean nothing, and you don't even have one. shame.

btw, it's spelt biased.

and who am i to pass judgement?! well, who are you to pass judgement on my writing? and seeing as what i said re fpk [i assume you're referring to this review especially] is positive, i'd refrain from calling it judgement.

notwithstanding your attempts to 'offend' me, i really do not give a shit, despite my replying to this. so yeah, whatfuckingever dude.

smiling still,
Lize K.