Sunday, September 28, 2008

eF-eL Album Launch: Net Om Die Geraas In Te Asem

Aandklas 23 August 2008
They were simply a bunch of average highschool blokes, prepubescent and perhaps a little awkward, when they first picked up some guitars and started experimenting with music. A couple of years later, eF-eL walked away winners of the 2006 Rockspaaider competition and since then, there’s been no stopping these rockers! Boasting a myriad of tracks which have dominated the local music scene, reaching the top spots on radio- and television stations across South Africa, eF-eL recently launched its full album, Net Om Die Geraas In Te Asem, touring the country to showcase music from the album. Last week, 23 September, the guys from the capital up North graced our little town to give fans a taste of the thirteen new tracks on the album.
The band consists of Fritz Bucker [vocals and guitar], Naas van Jaarsveld [lead guitar], bassist Louw Lensley and a fairly new addition on the drums, Hugo Brand. can’t be classed in a specific genre. But what is indisputable is the fact that their music has evolved in quantum leaps since their original music. The new album is evident of the lads having grown up, with greater talent as well as distinctly more mature musical influences. And just in case you were thinking you’re not much into punk rock- Net Om Die Geraas In Te Asem has a couple of slower ballad-like rock tracks with lyrics so lingering you’ll struggle to get them out of your head! Their songs are accessible to almost anyone, discussing everyday issues but cancelling out the seeming negativity by offering hope and advice too.
At the end of the day, these guys do not view themselves as rockstars, stressing that most music fans have gross misconceptions around the lifestyle of musicians. Add some great musical talent, determination and a sound attitude about their futures as musicians and you get four very ordinary guys that just happen to be making waves in modern Afrikaans rock!
The gig was well-received [unexpectedly, according to band members, in light of the fact that these boys hail all the way from the capital up North] and between lead vocalist Fritz Bucker and guitarist Naas van Jaarsveld there was ample energy going around, matching perfectly the liveliness of their punky rock sound. And the crowd joined them in rocking out good and proper! Crowd involvement was superb, and they even sent out a wee little thank-you from stage to myself and others involved. Awê!
Overall I and the entire crowd had a stellar night! The gig was one to remember, as their live performances always are, and the new album is without doubt one of the top local releases for 2008.

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