Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Die Melktert Kommissie at Dorp Street Theatre 23 August 2008

So here’s a genre we seldom cover: Afrikaans folk rock. In fact, I am so often let down by Afrikaans “folk rock” that it seems a genre seldom worth covering. [Hey, I am Afrikaans. I am allowed to say these things!] But there is hope, and it takes the name of a traditional Afrikaans dessert that the tannies starting making back in the days of the Anglo-Boer War [probably].Die Melktert Kommissie [The Milktart Commission, for all you souties] was born in 2002 and has since done desirably well on the local music scene, with a myriad of albums, videos, awards and chart-hitting tracks. I am an avid listener of their sugar-sweet pop-rock melodies and melancholic ballad-type tracks and, having never seen them live before, I was anxious to experience whether or not they would live up to my expectations beyond iTunes.Dorp Street Theatre was without doubt the ideal venue for this four-piece act. The atmosphere was intimate, as it always is, with candlelight and wine keeping things cosy. But everyone was in good spirits, joking around about and getting thoroughly involved in the music as only Afrikaners can. [To the pure, 100% English boy who accompanied me, my sincerest apologies. I can only imagine…] Their lyrics are exquisite in their simplicity and from their love songs to their more playful tracks paying tribute to all things local, theirs is a sound to which anyone can relate and clap their hands. Lead vocalist Lucinda may even have been better live than on CD, with a crystal-clear, unwavering voice that reached notes I wouldn’t dare brave, even in the shower. As pleasant as her stunning voice was her easy, genuine attitude in front of all those people. She, with the rest of the band, stayed entirely sincere. There was no flash attire, no false stage-personality bullshit: just pure music, purely having a good time! The band maintained energy effortlessly throughout the two-part gig and had me grinning contently from begin to end [when we stumbled home after much red wine with the band members]. Finally- a band that sounds great and is in this twisted industry purely for the love and pleasure of making music. This capitalist world of ours is a slightly brighter place for it and the music scene could certainly do with more of these! Kudos for great sound emerging from great talent accompanied by a great attitude.

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