Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kidofdoom, Unit R and Desmond & The Tutus at Klein Libertas Theatre

2 August 2008 Without doubt one of my favourite venues for music gigs, Klein Libertas saw a large crowd filling the space in eager anticipation for this gig. A promising line-up, the bands did not disappoint and I for one could attend another one of these in the near future. Unit.R is certainly one of Cape Town’s most remarkable acts. This four-piece started without the intention to develop as far as they have into the local music industry, but since their birth a few years ago they have built up an impressive gig-record [including Levi’s Young Guns and Oppikoppi last year as well as performances with the likes of Lark and Goldfish] and have released two albums since 2006. Their sound focuses primarily on music rather than lyrics, combining instrumentals with rock, sturdy punk, and even some Indie-folk to make for a breed of inventive dance-rock that had the crowd adequately entranced by the performance. Kidofdoom was without doubt the evening’s main attraction. The four band members cast their musical flair together to make for a perfectly balanced product that has added a much-needed dimension to live music. Despite their esteem in the local music scene, they did not have the crowd rocking mad. Instead fans remained hushed and near-motionless, mouths hanging half-open in appreciation of the genius on the stage. Each track is mastered to excellence, with grand build-ups to explosive summits for each track that had the audience transfixed. Impossible to be confined to a single genre, Kidofdoom expresses an independent approach to music that has made for a sound that is entirely unique, unaffected by circumstance or sway of the industry. The band’s music allows wholly for self-interpretation from the listener, transporting one into a world where only music matters. Hailing all the way from the capital city, Desmond and the Tutus ended the evening off with their contagious melodies. The music is the quirky and exuberant stuff one would struggle to tire of. Their sound can be described as punky Indie pop with a splash of disco. Whatever you decide to name it, this band is guaranteed to get you jamming it up big time! Though seeming a touch disorganised with regard to their career decisions and –approach, I’ve no doubt Desmond and the Tutus are well on their way to bigger things.

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