Sunday, August 24, 2008

Feeling Lucky with The Lottery Tickets

Local band The Lottery Tickets have been gigging all over the scene, with shows as far as Hermanus taking up any spare time on the band members’ hands. With the launch of their EP coming up, these quirky boys find themselves surprised by the rate at which their music careers are progressing. The band began in 2006 as a not-too-serious endeavour. Consisting of four local lads (James Regout, Robert Volker, James Acker and Mike Tymbios), the group formed in aim of escaping the done-to-death “screamo” music overwhelming the music scene at the time. An interesting group, these boys study in all fields ranging from law to the more creative such as graphic design. Yet despite their often demanding academic lives, they do a fine job of juggling both spheres of their lives. The band’s first track, titled Laura, was a coarse home-recording, circulated to mobile phones by means of Bluetooth. The song saw much appreciation from listeners and sparked an immediate interest in the band’s music. With influences ranging from Brand New to Bloc Party, the band’s sound is one accessible to all music junkies and can be described as brawny Indie pop, with a blend of sweet but candid lyrics and a pop-‘n-roll sound to the instrumentals. Their live shows are conducted with a casual (if not comical) approach. The band members have absurd nicknames such as Jimmy Scabs and Rasheye and create a blithe atmosphere by regularly dressing up in absurd attire, attempting to put the crowd at ease enough to enjoy their performance to the full. Not two years later, the band is set to launch its EP in Stellenbosch. The Lone Shark was produced and recorded with the help of musical expert Julian Bach (The Vontaines). Consisting of five punchy tracks, the mini-album is sure to get your feet tapping to their beats! Two Words has received a positive response, seeing ample airplay on local radio station MFM. The EP will be launched at The Hidden Cellar on 16 August, with bands This Quilt and The Unsung Theory stepping in as supporting acts.

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