Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bullets From A Pretty Blue Gun

Local band The Pretty Blue Guns is an exciting export, offering an unusual slant on alternative rock and blues. Barely of age, these young lads are certainly not letting their age count as a disadvantage in their careers as successful musicians, having played gigs at numerous venues and events across the country. With the recent release of their EP, “Dirt”, their future is a thrilling prospect indeed. Based in Stellenbosch, the band is made up of local boys Andre Leo (vocals and guitar), Lucas Swart (drums), Brandon Visser (guitar) and Greg Thompson (bass guitar). Though they have only recently begun to take their music seriously, the band members have been playing together since their high-school days- Visser and Thompson are currently in Matric at Paul Roos Gymnasium. The ensemble began as mere pleasure with Leo and Visser playing acoustic, old-school blues and toying with writing their own music. From there the hobby grew into what is currently a possibility for great things in the local music industry! The Pretty Blue Guns will play at this year’s Splashy Fen in KwaZulu Natal. Plans for the remainder of 2008 include Rocking the Daisies as well as a video launch in August. Finally a tour of the East Coast with fellow local music act Howard Roark, presently in the very beginning stages of planning, is on the cards. Other than their bigger plans, the band can be found regularly in Stellenbosch and Cape Town’s music venues with other esteemed artists. On playing in Stellenbosch, Leo stresses the band’s focus on keeping their approach personal and intimate, performing regularly at the site they have come to know and love. When it comes to work such as advertising and photography, close friends are asked to undertake projects as extensively as possible. Their sound is a coarse blend of old-school rock and Indie blues, along with a garage-rock stroke that makes for a sound that is entirely their own. Aside from their ability, their live performances are carried out with a violent energy that keeps the crowd rapt with craving. With influences such as Kings of Leon, Tom Waits and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, it is easy to see the origin of their lyrical inspiration. The words are candidly sinister, with an understated, biting wit that is hard to find in music today. Though young, the band is anything but juvenile and while not yet dreaming of being international superstars, they don’t plan on bowing out of the music scene anytime soon.

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