Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quiet: The New Loud

Local band New Loud Rockets has just stepped onto the South African music scene and is already making good work of being a successful act. Consisting of students studying in an array of fields, from law and business to medicine and the more artistic, the group seems an unlikely combination. Though still in mint condition, having only entered the scene seriously in 2007, their lack of experience has done nothing to slow them down. Currently voted number one on the University of Johannesburg radio station UJFM for the most popular local act, their single Bleeding in a Cab is heard on numerous stations across the country, including our own MFM. The band shows an exciting new style and, having no distribution contract as yet, they are gracing venues country-wide with their presence, going as far as Durban and Johannesburg. They do, however, plan on being in studio again later this year. Bigger performances to look out for include Rocking the Daisies. These shows do much of their advertising for them, as well as the ever-popular and easily accessible internet sites Facebook and MySpace. At present they remain satisfied with keeping their approach largely personal and moving at their own pace, with no pressure from a record label and balancing their lives outside of New Loud Rockets with ease. Their musical inspiration includes rock stretching from the 90’s and ‘old-school’ to more recent acts including even Afrikaans rock, a cacophonic mixture that may explain the band’s individuality that the South African music scene has not yet experienced! Lead vocalist John Seth does however emphasise that the band members currently have to endeavour to find “what they’re all about” in order to keep their music original. Another important decision to make with regards to becoming musicians is whether the band will stay local or broaden its horizons to the music scene abroad. Seth stresses that the market does not accommodate both. The curious band name boasts an even more curious origin and comes from a statement members heard that “quiet is the new loud”, with a bit of help from a cereal box at breakfast! On being a rockstar, Seth says it seems surreal not being a just a “normal person” anymore. He also talks of receiving e-mails from strangers on a regular basis, as well as being offered many “favours” from girls who are fans of their music! But ultimately, this fresh sound comes from a group of very normal people who just happen to be exceptionally talented musicians.

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